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Hotaru Japanese Restaurant / 33 E 3rd Ave, San Mateo, CA94401
Hotaru Japanese Restaurant Sushi Bar

           At Hotaru Japanese Restaurant, we want you to enjoy a little taste of home right here in Downtown San Mateo.


           Hotaru means firefly, a symbol of passionate love. We have a commitment to the love of home, and Japanese cooking. Let us take you for a stroll through the seasons…


           First with the spring breeze, Gindara on the grill. Then a cool Tempura Zaru-Soba in the hot summer heat. Maybe some fresh Maguro Sushi in the red of autumn leaves. To the piping hot Nabeyaki Udon on a snowing winter day. Every day at Hotaru is a new journey a new selection, but every day the same passion 365 Days a Year!!

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